Surf Instructor Jobs

We are looking for great surfers who love sharing their passion for riding the waves and can also educate others.

Our school has developed a rigorous and innovative in-house process to certify and train all of our surfing teachers.  We uniquely fuse the insights from past surf experiences, martial arts, life lessons and team building elements.


  • You LOVE the ocean and surf
  • You are patient, but also energetic
  • You have a flexible schedule
  • You stay calm during high-pressure situations and can problem-solve/prioritize quickly
  • You are responsible and keep your commitments
  • Genuinely want to teach others
    • Our customers range from ages 4-84, but most of your participants will be ages 6-55


  • You have more safety certifications Lifeguard or EMT
  • You have a great sense of humor and like to be social
  • You think kids are rad
  • Positive and healthy role model

All of our new instructors undergo an invaluable training program for approximately 3-months (April - June) on Saturdays.  Our school teaches lifeguard and safety protocols, team-building, and offers some personalized attention with 1-on-1 instruction after the group training.  Instructors will also learn customer service etiquette, how to work with foreign visitors, where the secret surf spots are, and more.  We are regularly improving our curriculum and methodology with pro surfers and instructors that have surfed/taught around the world.  Aqua Surf welcomes different techniques and styles, which helps expand our repertoire.

We offer a very flexible work schedule for our teachers seasonally and all year-round.  You can set your available work days and hours.

During off-season (September 16th to May 14th), our instructors typically work three to six hours, 1-4 days of the week (additional hours are available during spring break).  Our school provides full-time employment in the summer from May 15th to September 15th (normally 30-40 hours per week).

We currently offer the following:

  • Hourly wage ranging $15 - $35 an hour
  • Free CPR and First-Aid certification included in our training course
  • Commission structure for corporate/large-group event referrals
  • Bonuses vary from $10 - $50 for multiple participants, and $50-$500 for achieving performance goals/milestones
  • Cross-promotion and strategic partnership opportunities for Pro Surf Instructors via website, social media, and TV/Film gigs

*Higher compensation is considered when applicant has additional safety certifications.
*Additionally, our customers usually give gratuity after lessons.

We invite you to join Aqua Surf crew and family!