Surf Instructor Jobs

We are looking for surfers who would love to share their passion for riding waves.

Our school has developed a rigorous, and innovative in-house process to certify and train our surf instructors.  We fuse insights from past surfing experiences, decades of operation, surf research, lifeguarding techniques, professional standards and innovative team building methodologies.

Before you paddle out & go for this wave make sure

  • You LOVE the ocean and surf
  • You are patient, but also energetic
  • You have a flexible schedule
  • You stay calm during high-pressure situations and can problem-solve/prioritize quickly
  • You are responsible and keep your commitments
  • You genuinely wish to teach

YOU’RE GNARLY & we're stoked if

  • You hold safety certifications (e.g. Lifeguard or EMT)
  • You have a great sense of humor and like to be social
  • You think kids are rad
  • Positive and healthy role model

Our new and returning instructors undergo an invaluable training program for approximately three months (April - June) on Saturdays, every year.  In this training you will practice safety protocols, lifeguarding, team-building, and surf instruction.  You will also learn customer service, communication techniques, etiquette, how to work with foreign visitors, surfing instruction techniques, and more. 

We offer a flexible work schedule for our seasonal and year-round instructors.  You get to set your availability.

Our school provides part-time and full-time employment opportunities in the summer from May 15th to September 15th (30 - 40 hours per week).  During the off-season (September 16th to May 14th) surf instructors have the option to work part-time.

We currently offer the following:

  • Hourly wage ranging $15 - $35 an hour (depends on your experience & certifications)
  • Instructors also generally receive gratuity
  • Commission structure for corporate referrals
  • Bonuses vary from $10 - $50 for multiple participants, and $50-$500 for achieving performance goals/milestones
  • Opportunities for occasional TV/Film gigs

We invite you to join Aqua Surf crew and family!