Why do you have a surcharge fee?  The 15% surcharge fee goes directly to the city, which allows Aqua Surf to legally provide lessons, run camps, and offer other amenities to our students, as well as the public.  Aqua Surf, and their affiliates have gone through a rigorous process and are thus fully permitted, and entitled to provides its services across/along the California coastal beaches it advertises.  In return, the city uses these fees to properly maintain the beaches, and provide lifeguards when needed.  Many surf camps, and schools online may not include this surcharge or do not have it listed on their website (resulting in lower prices).  Most people don't know that many online "surf schools" are not properly permitted, and are operating illegally (under the radar).  Although it may appear that we charge more, a substantial portion/percentage of it goes directly to the city.  By complying within the legal parameters of the city’s guidelines we are available to offer passionate, professional, trained, and experienced surf instructors and staff.  The safety of your children, family, and friends are our first, and number one priority.